Cherri wrote this article, entitled "Rebuilding North Philadelphia, Block By Block Takes Time: Is This Urban Renewal 2.0." It discusses the issue of gentrification and the many reasons why Philadelphia's revitalization is slow. Click on the photo to download a .pdf of the article.
Cherri wrote this profile on Blue Bananas Cafe, a Carribbean restaurant located on historic South Street in Philadelphia.
Cherri wrote this article regarding women and their love of football while a student in Temple's M.J. program. The photos herein were taken from the internet and were used solely for eduational purposes.
Cherri wrote this profile in Fall 2009 on then-judicial candidate Clay Cauley. Check it out!
Cherri used her legal expertise to write this article on asset forfeiture in Philadelphia. Did you know that it is very difficult to retrieve property seized by police even in cases where no charges are filed. Beware!
Cherri wrote this article in Spring 2010 for her graduate journalism class. The article profiles a historic building in North Philadelphia and raises issues concerning the politics involved with purchasing city-owned property.